Monday, 17 June 2013

Preserved leather

I have no idea how old the preserved leather is in the images below, they were all found in Stainton and Maltby becks.

I 1 I have found similar hand made preserved leather in all of the deep beck locations in the south west area of Cleveland North East England.

  5 The piece at the top has copper nails attached.
  9 The studs are made of iron - steel
  10 This piece has what looks to be a set of gates marked out with some sort of needle.
  11 closer view
  14 The holes to the top edge look like lace holes of some kind.
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  2. Looks interesting does that belt as this may indeed date 1930s as I have found such items in old ash tips along with bits of hob nailed boots, was there a tip near it with broken glass and ceramics.

  3. Mike I deleted the other post, as they were both the same mate, as for the leather belt, I ain't got a clue mate but ive never came across any old tips in the area of the find its very remote and always has been as far as I know.

  4. That's interesting that it is remote unless it has washed down from somewhere else. It looks well preserved though as the leather bits I find have degraded over time. That said its amazing what materials survive being buried but the soil type also plays a key part in to an objects survival.


Please feel free to correct me on any part of my blog, i would also welcome any help that can be offered in correctly identifying some of my fossil finds All the best to all Heath.