Sunday, 15 April 2012

Stainton becks deflection due to the Cleveland Dyke.

This image shows how the water way we now know as Stainton beck was deflected at some earlier point in time, due to the natural dam that is the Cleveland Dyke.
The beck valley can be seen from right to left in the image by following the tree line, and just before the houses that can be seen above the tree tops to the left, is where the water way has hit the barrier that is the Dyke.
 And was then deflected to the north west to its confluence with Stainsby beck were once united managed to breech the dyke about a quarter of a mile further north.

Further in to dig one at Stainton beck

This image shows the deposits shown in earlier posts, the deposit appears  alluvial in origin and contains Jurassic fossils in very good condition.
I am now well into this deposit and i am starting to notice it seems more uniformed the deeper i get ie seperated red and blue layers

These are a selection of the isolated rocks found today.