Monday, 8 August 2011

Stainton gravel beds, and clay deposits.

 These very good pics were taken by Andy cooper a geologist from tvriggs who  has helped me a lot along with Alan, the two lads visited the site with me and although i had doubts about the group early doors i was totally won over by there professionalism and friendly approach, i am totally gob smacked about the level of Andy's commitment to discovering more about the geology of this area, the  man deserves a medal!

Isolated  layer below

 preserved organic layer underneath the Stainton gravel beds.

 I have recently collected and sieved a sample of the organic material pictured below and found a lot of what look to be hazelnuts and other unknown seeds, the hazelnuts are intact yet hollow.
Close up of a section of the Stainton gravel beds, with organic material between the two fine gravel layers, for some as yet unknown reason at least a third of these smaller gravels are highly magnetic, i am going to collect samples from deeper into the gravels for the tvrigs group to make a deeper petrographic analysis of the magnetic meterial.

One  layer below my tea cup, and probably at least another two above the Stainton  gravel beds pictured above.

Close up of two separate  layers