Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ormesby beck deposits

Ormesby beck about 3 miles east of Stainton beck, has the same sequence of deposits in this image the ever present red clay sits beneath the gravel bed.

The gravel bed contains the same material as found at Stainton, a limestone piece containing mainly gryphaea can be seen sat on the red clay.

As at Stainton, Maltby, and Stainsby becks the gravel beds contain organic material.

This thin line of bright red then blue running through the red clay looks to be the same as found at Maltby, it can be seen clearly running beneath the beck.

This image shows that Ormesby beck is at an advanced stage in cutting through the red clay, than at the other beck locations.

This is further upstream showing the blue grey seem that has been uncovered above the gravel bed at Stainton and Maltby.

A close up of the first excavation showing the gravel bed sat on the red clay, the gravel bed contains magnetic whin stone as at all the other locations.
More can be viewed regarding the Stainton gravel beds by clicking the link below