Friday, 29 March 2013

(Stainsby beck) 29 , 3 ,13 Prehistoric excavation

 1 - excavation site .

 2 The days first find Horse mandible piece .

 3 The last piece excavated was approximately 3 metres into the deposit .

 4 The red outline shows today's area of excavation .


6  - The horse mandible piece below was excavated approximately 200 mm further into the deposit still buried behind the partially excavated bones shown in this image .  

 7 - 12  Young horse mandible piece .


 8 - The erupting teeth show this horse was young .


 10 - Incisors 

 11- This piece was excavated over two metres further into the deposit , from  the ancient Human tibia shaft , shown being excavated in an earlier post .

 13 - This image shows all the pieces excavated today , they include two horse mandible pieces Capra - ovis horn cores - scapula piece - rib piece - metacarpal piece - bovine mandible piece .

 14 - I am not sure whether the groves on this metacarpal are a result of Canis chewing or human use . 

 15 - Again ime not sure that the marks on this scapula piece were caused by chewing . .

 16 - I have now had advice from a well respected professional from the United States , that back my own thoughts up about this piece , i.e.  the marks are too long too parallel and too regular too be chew marks .   I believe this to be a tool of some sort maybe a winding device .   Peter Row of Tees Archaeology has viewed these images and  thinks they could possibly be wear marks caused by some type of twine .

Thursday, 28 March 2013

More from the Prehistoric deposits at Stainsby beck Cleveland.

1 - This image shows a young bos molar before excavation .

 2 - This image shows how far into the Prehistoric deposits the tooth was excavated from .


 4 - All of today's excavated pieces.


 6 - Note the magnets stuck tight to the stone ? in the centre of the image outlined in red .

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Prehistoric lake bed deposits and excavated bone & pot including an Auroch scapular

  1 -  This image shows the latest prehistoric bones and pottery piece excavated from the grey deposits at Stainsby beck south west Cleveland in the north east of England .
  2 - This image is a close up of what I am sure has to be a scapula piece from an extinct Auroch  ( Bos Premigenius ) . The deposits are at least early iron age and  cattle were not this big .
  3 - The pottery piece in this image is the third piece ive excavated and i am told it is probably early iron age .



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Monday, 25 March 2013

New prehistoric finds Stainsby beck

  1 - deeper into  the prehistoric  grey deposit .
  2 - Prehistoric horse metacarpal .
  3 - Note how deep into the deposit the metacarpal is situated , the Human tibia shaft shown in earlier posts  was excavated about a metre to the left .
  4 - 5  Canis incisor

Rhizocretion  containing crystals possibly Aragonite .
  6 .
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Friday, 22 March 2013

Another Mesolithic gravel bed deposit uncovered at Stainton

 1 - The red outline shows the newly excavated gravel bed at stainton , again the bed is about 300mm deep very compact and very level .
 2 - The red outline I hope shows how compact and flat the stainton gravel beds are .

 3 -  Again I hope the red outline in this image shows uniformity of these ancient gravel beds .

 4 - As shown in many previous posts the widespread Stainton gravel beds are far from erratic deposits , and cover every area of south west Cleveland I have excavated .

 5 - The yellow outlines show the ever present grey - blue organic deposit that sits above the gravel beds at all locations .

 6 - A close up of the blue - grey deposit .

Monday, 18 March 2013

Excavated Prehistoric flint from ancient lake deposit Stainsby beck Cleveland.

 1  I could be wrong but I believe this flint that was excavated from the same grey deposit as the bones and leather reported in earlier posts , was very likely used as a fire starting implement .
3 This image shows a similar piece note the angles and percussion marks .

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Prehistoric Dog and Wolf ? ulna's and possibl flint core excavated Stainsby beck

  1 -  The grey deposit can be seen behind the ruler.
  2 - This image shows a proximal tibia shaft before excavation.
  3 - The Canis ulna on the left was excavated deep into the deposit, the larger Canis ulna was found at another location.
  4 - The larger ulna looks large enough to possibly be wolf .

 6 - I also excavated this piece of black flint from deep into the deposit, i don't know a lot about worked flint but this piece could have been.
 7  -  I am sure Tees archaeology will know one way or the other and will post there opinion .

The Stainsby collection to date .

The image above shows the fossil bone and artefacts excavated to date from the prehistoric grey deposits at stainsby beck, in the south west of Cleveland North East England .  The Human tibia shaft is not shown as its not in my possession any more ,  as it was handed over to the Anthropologist, as were the other Human bone finds from this area .

Human and animal fossil bones found so far at ... - history of a beck

The bone and artefacts excavated to date include bones from at least one Human , and seven different animals including , Capra , Equus , Bovine , Canis , Cervid ,  Pottery  ime told that looks to be iron age ,  Preserved leather shoe sole , with intricate stich holes and possible bone decoration , and possibly worked black flint .   All can be viewed in earlier posts .
    I must stress that the mineralised bones found and excavated in this and other areas , including several Human pieces are ancient ! and have been deemed so by a forensic anthropologist from Teesside university .  

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