Monday, 27 August 2012

Compass experement with Basaltic andesite.

I recently experimented using a compass, firstly i placed a plastic wheelie bin well away from any metal objects, i then placed first a piece of rock taken from the great whinn sill at High force in upper teesdale on top of the bin. Then i approached the bin with the compass from about 3 metres, by the time i had placed the compass on top of the rock it had been deflected by 70-80 degrees.
Irepeated this proscess with similer sized pieces of rock my findings below.

             Whinn sill  deflected 70-80 degrees   ( High force)
               Laverkiite  deflected  20 degrees  ( Staithes sea wall )

              Coldberry  ( Cleveland dyke )  40-60 degrees

               Stainton quarry  Middlesbrough  ( Cleveland dyke )  This i repeated 3 times  70- 180 degrees.