Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cervus Elephus Red Deer tibia and prehistoric Bos Skull excavated from the Stainsby sacraficial deposits.

These three bones were found yesterday at the Stainsby beck lake deposits, I  believe the Tibia belonged to a huge Cervus Elephus, the bos skull was found close by and only two metres away from important human bone's and artifacts, as well as an identical bos skull i found last year.

 1- Prehistoric Bos skull

 2 - Prehistoric Cervidae Tibia.

 3 - Rear of the Bos skull, note the condition, i only ever wash and dry the fossils i excavate or find in the beck bed.

 4 - Note the shape and muscle attatchments, there are obviouse differences when compared to a Bos tibia.

 5 - The tibia would have measured between 40 and 45 cm, it matches a shire horse tibia i have in length.