Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Auroch metatarsal

  1 The Metatarsal on the left is huge.
  2  It belonged to a Bos that was at least 1.600 mm withers hight
  3 It measures 72 mm widest, 37 mm thickest, and looks to have been between 270 - 300 mm long .
  4 The bone wall is thicker than any long bone ive ever found averaging 15mm thick.

This bone is impressive in lengh and robustness, and matches some of the largest Auroch and Bison priscus metacarpals ive viewed,  yet i have noticed that there is so much disagreement between different researchers both in the past and present,  that i personally believe only carbon dating or excavations showing that there was no probability of a settled human contact,  can determine whether ancient fossil bovine bones are from totally wild free animals, and not interfered with by early humans