Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Trassic sand ripples descovered River Leven

I decided to go back to the river  Leven on the boarder of Cleveland and North Yorkshire today to try and discover where the sand ripple fossil my daughters had found earlier had come from.

1 The red outline marks the preserved Triassic sand ripples

 2 The white outline shows one of the preserved Triassic sand ripple sections.


 4 Mercia mudstone above the sand ripple fossils


 6 The sand ripple fossils seem to run in a west to east direction although I can not be totally sure, as I had no compass.

 7 - The river has cut through the sand ripple layer many years ago but slabs can still be found in the river.

 8 - The black outline shows the sand ripples exposed from the upper Triassic deposits, at least 5 metres in depth.


 9 The yellow outline shows the excavated  sand ripples to the left.