Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Clevelands Prehistoric Human bones excavated and found at Stainsby beck sacraficial site.

 Femurs belonging to prehistoric humans one said to be unusually large when viewed at Durham University.

Prehistoric Human parietal skull piece was found close to one Excavation site not long after flooding this piece was actually found on the water worn outcrop of the Cleveland Dyke.

 Prehistoric human tibia before being fully excavated the tibia was excavated with many more Mammal bones all unbutchered or worked.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Clevelands Magnetic Bones ( Sub Fossils )

A few examples of sub fossils from local deposits that attract a magnet.

This Equus Skull easily attracted a small round rare earth magnet.

                            As did the bones below found and excavated about 3 miles away in fact the first pic show week kids magnets sticking. 

           The two images below show me scraping the inside of a freshly cut bone  after I had thoroughly cleaned it to remove any residual metal from the saw blade, I used a hard plastic scraper the inner bone material was found to be highly magnetic.


The video below shows an experiment I carried out with an antler piece.

Friday, 9 February 2018


This was my very first find regarding the Stainton Gravel beds, this carved bone has never been identified, by any amateur or professional that has viewed it. Sorry these pics aint great as I had to take them with a web cam back then.
                            The Artefact almost certainly had some kind of shaft inserted .  
                                                     The carved surface is easily seen.

                                                      The prongs are almost identical

This piece was given to Peter Row of Tees Archaeology back in 2007 the bloke tried his hardest to get it identified but it never was.