Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fairy dell Middlesbrough ancient lake deposits

  1 - The small assemblage excavated from identical deposits as at Stainsby beck Thornaby on Tees from newly discovered deposits at Marton west beck at Fairy Dell.
  2 - Equus skull excavated from identical clays as at Stainsby becks ancient lake bed deposits.
  3 - Proximal phalange of a sheep or goat
  4 - Note the blue concretion attached exactly the same as at the Thornaby on Tees lake deposits.
  15 - Again note the concretion around the tooth.
 16 - The concretion on the bone is  identical to the bone excavated from the Thornaby deposits, three miles to the west.
  19 - skull piece
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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ancient lake depost more excavated bones

  1- Isolated gravel deposit amongst the lake clays, with un excavated bone, the red rusty patches are recent intrusions from the upper deposits.
 2 -  Wolf mandible before excavation
 3 - The wolf mandible can be seen above the top tool, with an un excavated deer mandible just the right of the tool, more unexcavated bone is marked by the lower tool.
 4 - All the days excavated bone.
 5 -  Wolf  Mandible  I have been advised by a trusted palaeontologist that he believes this to be from a wolf.  
 6 - Large yet immature Cervid madible
 7 - Foot or hand bones probably Cervid
 8 - Young  Boss skull
 10 - Cervid Maxilla
 11 - Tooth Morphology
 12 -  Tooth Morphology - Mandible
 13 - Damaged fused bone
 Please use the link below to view more reports regarding the lake bed deposits.

HISTORY OF A BECK: Stainsby ancient lake deposits latest
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Archaeocyaths ?

 1 I have not seen any sponge or corral fossils like this before.
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Monday, 1 July 2013

Stainsby beck Prehistoric lake deposits

  1- This image shows the latest preserved bone excavated from less than a square metre of the lake deposits, at Stainsby beck. 
  2 - Bos skull with a distal Humerus piece attached.
  3- The bundle in this image contains a small sus skull and mandible it was excavated at the same level and right next to the Bos skull.
  5- This image shows the bones cleaned using soap and water, and includes a Bos skull  that has sustained a violent impact to its right side, Wild boar skull and Mandible, Bos skull fragment with horn core attached, large Lumber vertebrae that looks to be Cervid, Ovis horn core piece possibly used as a tool, unknown distal tibia piece, unknown metatarsal.
  6 - Wild boar skull.
   7 - The skull looks to have sustained considerable damage to its right side, this is as with the bos skull unlikely to have happened after it was buried.
  8 - I believe the Stainsby lake deposits were possibly the site of some sort of  sacrifice, involving both Humans and animals.
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