Sunday, 13 May 2018

Clevelands Prehistoric stone fishing sinker .

I excavated this piece from the Stainton gravel beds 2 years ago , ime now sure it was used as a fishing sinker , and ime also sure like many other worked stones I've discovered it is made from a flint not from this area , confirming my theory of an ice dam release causing major flooding that killed both Humans and animals not long after recolonization after the last major cold period .  Making the piece 12 to 17000 ybp in age .

 The deliberate wearing on each side  of the flint speaks for its self .

 Ive found and excavated many fishing related pieces from the Stainton gravel beds reinforcing my theory of a gradual re population of this area before a huge ice dam release from the mouth of the esk valley . 

Prehistoric Engineering

 The gap is almost identical all the way around , the centre is circular and I believe the piece was used to whined a twine of some sort . 

 The rock also appears to have been shaped for some reason . This piece again ime sure is from the Stainton gravel beds dating 12 - 17000 ybp .

The two pieces below were found at an earlier date in the same stretch of water and appear to be made of the same sandstone .