Saturday, 17 September 2011

Packed gravels and red clay at Ormesby beck.

These images show yet again the red clay underlying the packed gravel layer, as at all the other beck locations excavated in the south west area of Cleveland.

I was unable to expose a lot as i had no equipment, but the bit i excavated leaves me in no doubt it is the same geology that i have already exposed at Stainton, Marton, Maltby, and soon i am confident i will uncover the same deposits at Stainsby beck.

The red clay can be seen bottom then the packed gravels, with the normal shroud of what i believe to be Alluvium.

I strongly believe most of the natural stone in these becks, where once part of these packed gravel layers, and have been released by the beck water cutting through the becks in all locations in the south west Cleveland area, and is now cutting through the same red clay deposits. 
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