Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blue deposits

I have now cleared more of the material shrouding the blue deposits at Stainton

Some of the red you can see is caused by the dust from the deposits above but there are a lot more of the red veins than first thought.
The clay both red and blue is extremely tough almost rock like, and appears greasy.

There is quite a lot of small pieces what i think is Mercia mud stone in the red clay

The blue clay has very little covering it in this part of the dig.

The image below i think shows two separate red brown layers, something we did not notice with the  cores taken with the auger.

I have dug a 1.5 metre test hole about 15 metres down stream, with no sign of the blue deposit, so it seems this is a high point in the blue deposit at least as far as the beck side is concerned.

This image shows the site the last auger work was carried out just to the bottom left of the pic, we reached 3 metres without encountering the blue deposit or the rock head.
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More magnetic rock found in the Stainton gravel beds.

Unknown rock dug from the Stainton gravel beds, the magnets used are not rare earth magnets.

The pink magnet can be seen stuck to the rock    The Stainton gravel beds