Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Cleveland dyke at Stainton village south west Middlesbrough.

I am now beginning to seriously believe the presence and location of the Cleveland dyke could have had a major effect on approaching ice sheets. I now think there is a possibility that the dyke could have acted as a defence against the destructive forces of the ice sheets on the geology present at the time, in the immediate vicinity of of the dyke.
I can now say with total confidence that at least the section of the Cleveland Dyke at Stainton Quarry in the south west area of Cleveland, is a strongly magnetic basaltic andasite that seems to act strangely to certain surfaces of a magnet
. And parts have been taken by what could only be ice and redistrebuted to the north and south of the line of the Cleveland Dyke, and the evidence can be found in the deep lying Stainton gravel beds, that streach from at least Stainton beck to Ormesby beck about 3 miles to the north east.
I also now strongly believe that any large or small rocks, whinstone or other to be found in the fields of this area of Cleveland origionated from the washed out  gravel beds, this i believe i can proove at least in the Stainton and Thornton area.