Sunday, 17 March 2013

Prehistoric Dog and Wolf ? ulna's and possibl flint core excavated Stainsby beck

  1 -  The grey deposit can be seen behind the ruler.
  2 - This image shows a proximal tibia shaft before excavation.
  3 - The Canis ulna on the left was excavated deep into the deposit, the larger Canis ulna was found at another location.
  4 - The larger ulna looks large enough to possibly be wolf .

 6 - I also excavated this piece of black flint from deep into the deposit, i don't know a lot about worked flint but this piece could have been.
 7  -  I am sure Tees archaeology will know one way or the other and will post there opinion .

The Stainsby collection to date .

The image above shows the fossil bone and artefacts excavated to date from the prehistoric grey deposits at stainsby beck, in the south west of Cleveland North East England .  The Human tibia shaft is not shown as its not in my possession any more ,  as it was handed over to the Anthropologist, as were the other Human bone finds from this area .

Human and animal fossil bones found so far at ... - history of a beck

The bone and artefacts excavated to date include bones from at least one Human , and seven different animals including , Capra , Equus , Bovine , Canis , Cervid ,  Pottery  ime told that looks to be iron age ,  Preserved leather shoe sole , with intricate stich holes and possible bone decoration , and possibly worked black flint .   All can be viewed in earlier posts .
    I must stress that the mineralised bones found and excavated in this and other areas , including several Human pieces are ancient ! and have been deemed so by a forensic anthropologist from Teesside university .  

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