Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Equus Mandibles with no sign of Periostitis ( Bone spurs )

  1 This image shows two right mandible pieces and a full mandible, they were all found within a mile and a half of the same waterway.
  2 - They all have one thing in common apart from the fact there all Equus, that is a complete lack of  Mandibular Periostitis, damage caused by the use of a bit, on all three examples.
  3 - No damage, Work horses race horses etc. were  particularly susceptible to bone spurs  ( Mandibular Periostitis )  caused by the use of a bit.
  4 - The tooth surface on all three examples, show no signs of interference by humans. I have found and excavated many Equus mandible pieces in the becks of south west Cleveland, but am yet to see any signs of Human use.
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