Thursday, 11 April 2013

Prehistoric bone and artifacts to date. ( Stainsby Beck south west Cleveland )

 This is the full assemblage to date of excavated bone and artefacts, including a preserved leather shoe sole, pottery, and utilised bone and wood, from the grey lake bed deposits at Stainsby beck Thornaby on Tees Cleveland. Tees Archaeology have been informed of all finds. The Human tibia shaft excavated from this deposit is not shown but can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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Stainsby beck Prehistoric Mineralised wood excavated from Iron Age deposits.

  1 - This piece of mineralised wood was excavated from the ancient lake bed deposits at Stainsby beck.
 2 - It was excavated very close to the latest bone and pottery finds.
 3 - The mineralised wood like most stone and bone found in the south west area of Cleveland is magnetic, this phenomena has been reported many times to Geologists by myself. 
 4 - The thicker veins seem to be totally mineralised, calcite maybe. I believe this wood was utilised, before it ended up with the bones and artefact's also found.
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