Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Equus Mandible & Scapula excavated from the same deposit ( Stainsby beck Thornaby on Tees )

 1 Bone found deep into the deposit at Stainsby beck, note the Whinstone from the near by Cleveland dyke.
  2 The Equus Mandible is just vissible 4 0 clock from the red tool handle, the deposit is covered by packed gravel bed at this location about 500mm thick.
  3 Washed and dried.
  4 This 2 square metre deposit has now yielded a Human Parietal skull bone, 2 different horse mandibles, and a very large Cervid antler and skull piece.
  5 Note the mineralisation and lack of bit damage, as ive stated before nearly all of the Equus mandibles in my collection, show no signs of the use of a bit, i.e. Periostitis or irregular tooth wear.   
  6  Equus Scapula
  7 Note the preservation
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