Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Human tibia shaft

This image shows a human tibia shaft still in the a Stainton gravel beds.

The tibia shaft above has been reported to Tees archaeology who can no longer help as they have had there funding suspended by Middlesbrough council.
It was excavated from the Stainton gravel beds, and i believe it is human. Ive also been to the police, and Dorman museum the police could not help and ime still awaiting a response from dorman museum middlesbrough.   I now know this to be a human tibia shaft there are updated posts.
The image above shows a human tibia shaft excavated from a more famous site, that was taken a lot more seriously than my finds!

Please remember the piece of bone in the first two images was excavated over 2 metres into packed and previously undisturbed deposits ive been informed are proberbly 20,000 years +
Sorry forgot to update this old post, the tibia shaft is indeed Human it was identified by an anthropologist on behalf of Cleveland police