Saturday, 8 September 2012

Stainton gravel beds found and excavated at another location.

These images show my latest discovery of the Stainton gravel beds, and excavation.

The image above shows the start of the excavation, the gravel bed can clearly be seen. The image below shows how flat the Stainton gravel beds are, and as at my other excavations covered with separate almost stoneless alluvial deposits.

The image above and below shows the excavation as i discovered a bone it looks to be a fibula piece but as yet i can not id it.

The end of today's excavation only one bone was found and no fossils, but as at Stainton and all the other excavations the bed was full of unrounded whinstone.

The geological layers at this location are as follows-

Red- brown loamy friable almost stoneless clay

Blue grey stoneless sandy clay containing organic material, average thickness 150 mm .

Stainton gravel bed average thickness 400 mm

Red plastic almost stoneless clay containing well preserved fossils.