Sunday, 29 January 2012

Jurassic fossil slabs and fossil wood from the Stainton gravel beds

1 - Jurassic lime stone slabs containing mainly Gryphaea.



The flat underside of the oblong slab shown at the end of the tool is i think a Genicularia vertibralis. 4


6 Unknown layer maybe silica ?

What i believe to be more fossil wood that had been exposed to heat. 7



10- Unknown indentations in silt or mudstone.


 12- Unknown heavy piece this fractured perfectly while i was giving it a rub.



 15- I think this is volcanic tuff the colour is mainly violet.



 18 - This piece is made up mainly of rugose coral i think with the odd crynoid stem.
 19 - Graphite

20- Very light and shiny coal ?
More can be viewed regarding the Stainton gravel beds by clicking the link below.