Saturday, 15 September 2012

Another femur and bos skull found in the same area as the earlier fossil male femur find.

These images show my discovery of   another Male human femur, in the same section of beck that i recently found the first male human  femur. also close by was this impressive fossil bos skull, it shows signes of a violent impact to the right, possibly enough to kill the animal.

Bos skull and Human femur Both mineralised found close together in an area i have found two mineralised Canus skulls and another Human mineralised femur.

I excavated this canus skull from the same location last year ime now wondering if there could be a connection.

These images show the Bos skull found not far from the human femurs,  and what ime sure is a more modern Bos skull found by myself at fairy dell Middlesbrough. The skull found at fairy dell has in my mind most definitely been slaughtered maybe quite modern , ie a centre punch to the centre of the skull.?

I have witnessed pigs being killed in this way, or maybe as the last comment says a pole axe? . But the Bos skull found near the human femurs was not slaughtered at least not by the impact wounds  i described

The skull above is most likely quite modern.

The skull above   i think could well have been washed from the nearby grey deposits that have yielded many more pieces , including a Human tibia piece .