Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Magnetic Equus bones

  1 - The first 3 images show two none rare earth magnets attached to an Equus radius recently found in Stainsby beck in the south west area of Cleveland North East England.
  2 - This Radius has one of the strongest magnetic attractions, of the many magnetic bones and wood Ive found in this area, usually the wood or bone will only hold a rare earth magnet, not weak ones like this.
  3 - This bone is well mineralised and as with the wood and bone Ive previously reported to have a magnetic attraction. I  believe the bone has absorbed some form of Magnetite, either after burial or possibly even while the animal lived.
  4 - This image shows a much stronger rare earth magnet attached to the same radius.
  5 - The next images show another Equus radius from another beck valley area in this area with a rare earth magnet attached, this bone would not take a none rare earth magnet.
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Septarean nodule from the Stainton gravel beds

  1- The three images show a split and polished Septarian nodule from the Stainton gravel beds.
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