Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Superficial deposits at Stainsby beck

 1- A  simple outlined image of the deposits being excavated, Black = Alluvium  -  Red = Gravel seam  - White = The start of the lake deposits.  
 2 - White = The lake deposits - Black =  The stoneless Alluvium deposit above.

 The 1.5 metres of Alluvium that covers these deposits has no visible stone content, and most certainly has not been disturbed since it was deposited, there are no recorded papers that explain these alluvium deposits, although there are recent reports that the possible tidal wave that looks to have hit the North east coast over 8.000 ybp . after the collapse of the last land bridge between Britain and mainland Europe, could possibly be the source of the vast water flow that would be needed to cover the land here with the amount of stoneless Alluvium that now covers it 
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Equus crainum & radius before excavation from Prehistoric deposits at Stainsby beck

  1 - The Equus cranium piece is highlighted in yellow.
  2 - Sorry the pic ain't great but the Equus radius is outlined in yellow.
  3 The link below shows other sub fossils from this deposit.

Please use the links below to view more reports regarding the lake deposits.

  More of the huge prehistoric Cervus Elephus antler ... - history of a beck

HISTORY OF A BECK: Stainsby ancient lake deposits latest

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Prehistoric pottery sherds with preserved food remains

  1 I have been informed by that these pieces are iron age onwards, no iron or other related artefacts have been excavated ?
  2 What I believe to be preserved food remains

Please use the link below to view more reports regarding the lake deposits.

HISTORY OF A BECK: Stainsby ancient lake deposits latest

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Geology of south west Cleveland

  1 - The Stainton gravel bed is outlined in black, with the Alluvium above.
  2 - The strange brightly coloured clays partly uncovered.
  3 - The grey organic layer that sits above the gravel bed and below the alluvium.
  4 - Mercia mudstone amongst the brightly coloured hard clay deposits.
  5 - The grey organic layer is outlined in black, with the gravel bed below, the start of the maroon clay is marked by the trowel.
  6 The maroon clay deposit that sits beneath the gravel bed at all locations is outlined in black.
  7 - Top - red clay deposit then blue clay deposit then maroon clay deposit.
  8 - The blue clay deposit is outlined in black, with the red deposit above and maroon deposit below.
  9 - When I first discovered these deposits a few years ago I was amazed by there almost animated appearance, I still am ! 
 11 - The approximate position of the Stainton gravel bed at this location, with the alluvium above. 
  13- I believe the thin brightly coloured hard clays must have some relation to the Mercia mudstone deposits.
 14 After a recent visit to another deep beck valley location ime now sure that this sequence of thin brightly coloured clays spreads at least three miles to the east of this Maltby beck location under the same superficial orderly deposits.
the Mesolithic Stainton gravel beds of south west ... - history of a beck

 HISTORY OF A BECK: Maltby deposits

HISTORY OF A BECK: Storregga slides Stunami theory

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Prehistoric Sub fossils taken from less than 50 metre lenght of Stainsby beck lake deposits

  Whin stone it could just be the Cleveland dyke itself ? as the deposits cover the dyke at this point but I did take a burnished black pottery sherd from between the stones.
 2 -  Just some of the collection.

None of the sub fossils shown have any signs of butchery predator or scavenger attention. It includes at least 4 different Equus mandibles one intact, 5 separate Bos skulls or skull sections, 2 separate antler pieces one Cervus Elephus, the other looks to be different, but both came from huge animals, a Human Parietal bone, Preserved leather shoe that looks to be decorated, intact Ovis - Capra mandible & skull, Sus mandible, Wolf or large dog mandible ( not shown )  medium sized dog skull (not shown), black quartz rich pottery pieces, black flint core,  2 Cervus mandibles, all the above can be viewed in previous posts 

Please use the link below to view more reports regarding the lake deposits.

HISTORY OF A BECK: Stainsby ancient lake deposits latest.

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Britains largest excavated red dear antler

Maybe some who have visited my excavations and have discussed my rights and wrongs with me, will understand the facial expression and the many words it tries to say.
 1 - This Cervus Elephus would have almost filled my drive with its Antler spread of approximately 2 metres .

  2 - Sharp sand pocket in the grey deposit.
  3 - 4 - Cervus Elephus beam before excavation.
  4 - I have studied
 these deposits for over a year now and have never found Roman remains, nor any metal what so ever the deposits must be pre Roman..
  The gates behind measure 8 ft wide & 7ft high.  I have reported all of my discoveries, to the Archaeological groups in the local area and further afield, including Mayor Ray Mallon. I still await any interest !.

This is an 4000 year old example found in wales, raved about in its report as being huge, far smaller than the example I excavated at the Middlesbrough site. 

As with all of my excavations into this lake deposit I have never come across any signs of iron, just mineralised animal and human bone,  black quartz rich pottery pieces , and preserved clam and snail shells.

Please use the links below to view more regarding the lake deposits.

 (Stainsby beck) ancient lake deposit more excavated bones

Prehistoric Human tibia shaft excavated from grey ... - history of a beck

HISTORY OF A BECK: Stainsby ancient lake deposits latest

The modern Red deer antlers shown above are considered very big.

The display below shows a display of fossil animal bones from the south of this island that have received much attention from the