Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More fossil bone

I found these yesterday like all the fossil bone i have been finding there heavily mineralised.

 They include what i believe to be a very large bovine metacarpal measuring 230 mm, 9 inches long, 75 mm wide, weighing 525 grams.
 Also a worked rib, and large ulna fragment.
 I have no idea what this bone belonged to, but i think its a tibia.
 This antler piece is very heavy weighing 375 grams.

 The two large tibia probably belonged to deer or bovine, ime having difficulty seeing a specific difference when comparing large deer and bovine tibia.

Ive just noticed this old post and although it was created as best i could at the time, it is a poor example, most of these bone pieces are now in the possession of the local Junior school, and i have not yet had chance to re take better images, but i will leave this post open, and will post the new improved images and explanations.