Saturday, 21 September 2013

Geology of south west Cleveland

  1 - The Stainton gravel bed is outlined in black, with the Alluvium above.
  2 - The strange brightly coloured clays partly uncovered.
  3 - The grey organic layer that sits above the gravel bed and below the alluvium.
  4 - Mercia mudstone amongst the brightly coloured hard clay deposits.
  5 - The grey organic layer is outlined in black, with the gravel bed below, the start of the maroon clay is marked by the trowel.
  6 The maroon clay deposit that sits beneath the gravel bed at all locations is outlined in black.
  7 - Top - red clay deposit then blue clay deposit then maroon clay deposit.
  8 - The blue clay deposit is outlined in black, with the red deposit above and maroon deposit below.
  9 - When I first discovered these deposits a few years ago I was amazed by there almost animated appearance, I still am ! 
 11 - The approximate position of the Stainton gravel bed at this location, with the alluvium above. 
  13- I believe the thin brightly coloured hard clays must have some relation to the Mercia mudstone deposits.
 14 After a recent visit to another deep beck valley location ime now sure that this sequence of thin brightly coloured clays spreads at least three miles to the east of this Maltby beck location under the same superficial orderly deposits.
the Mesolithic Stainton gravel beds of south west ... - history of a beck

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