Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cervus Elephus antler piece Equus Mandible and Human parietal skull bone, excavated from Prehistoric deposits at Stainsby beck .

 1-Mineralised Cervus Elephus antler piece, Equus mandible and Human parietal skull bone.
  2 - This piece belonged to a huge Cervid with an antler height of around 45 inches.
  3 - It was excavated alongside this Equus mandible piece.
  5 - 7  Prehistoric Human Parietal skull bone.
  6 - Note the condition of this piece, it has been washed and dried nothing more.
  1Excavated Cervus Comparison with a large Bos skull piece this was a big Bambi !.

Prehistoric Human tibia shaft excavated from grey deposit at

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