Thursday, 31 October 2013


 1 - Firstly i apologise for the image quality i lost my camera & am having to borrow my daughters phone to take images at the moment.
Please just click on the images to enlarge.

I excavated yet another Equus skull today from the ancient grey deposits at Stainsby today, in the same small area i have found and excavated the remains of at least five other Equus & two Humans one very large, a leather moccasin type shoe sole with decoration, a huge Cervus antler, three Canis skulls one very likely a wolf, an Auroch scapular, flint core, unknown Bos skulls, Cervus skulls and mandibles, Wild Boar skull and mandible, Ovis Capra Mandibles and skulls.
 2 - This piece is the first I've ever excavated with evidence of Human interference, & if ime right the interference was horrific.
 3 - It appears that this animal had its softer nasal bone pierced either side & then had some sort of restraint threaded through & over the harder ridge bone.