Monday, 23 July 2012

Leven bank deposits

This large excavation on the banks of the river leven just north west of leven bank, seems to show the same red alluvial deposit as at Stainton and all other locations i have excavated at various sites in the south west area of Cleveland, north east England.

The houses in the above image are to the south west edge of ingalby barwick.

Sand intrusion in the red clay.

Another sand intrusion of witch there are many.

Close up of the clay

I am not sure what the project is yet maybe a bridge, but the superficial deposits are in my mind certainly not boulder clay.

This image shows what i believe to be Triassic mudstone amongst the red clay, as it is found 3.5 miles south east at Stainton as well as at all other locations Ive excavated , in the south west area of Cleveland.

The southern entrance to the excavation.

Fossill slabs

1 - Stainton gravel bed fossils
2- The piece above i believe could be trace fossils of stromatolites.
3- The rest apeare to be Jurassic slabs containing mainly Gryphaea.
7- The piece above is strange it i first thought was a worn ammonite, but ime not so sure now, and the fact its made up of other fossils has me puzzled.