Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ancient bones and preserved shoe sole excavated from lake bed deposits

  1 This image shows the entire collection of excavated fossil bone including at least seven different animals including horse, ovis -capra, bos, cervidae, and Human tibia, and a leather artefact i believe to be the sole of a shoe, that looks like it  has been decorated with worked fossil bone.   ( See update )
  2 This leather artefact was excavated about 300 mm into the previously undisturbed grey clay deposit.
  3 I hope this image shows what i see ime sure worked bone has been inserted either for decoration or as some kind of fastening. 
  4 The same work marks can be clearly seen on either side of the bone ? inserts.

  6 The underside showing the bone with same worked surface, as the previously shown inner surface.

Today I reported the Human tibia I excavated along with the other fossil mammal bone, it was viewed by the Anthropologist and deemed as ancient, no surprise there considering the Prehistoric deposit it was excavated from, I believe the grey deposit of clay is either the remnants of a large lake or swamp like water body

Human and animal fossil bones found so far at ... - history of a beck 

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