Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Maltby clay Deposits

Ive now cleared the gravel bed, and have noticed it is interrupted by a stoneless deposit, it can be seen to the right of the spade handle.

There is the same intrusion by the same type of deposit in the gravel bed a km east at Stainton beck.

This image does not exaggerate the colours if anything it does not do them justice.

This is a close up of the deposit that intrudes the gravel bed, there is another separate blue layer above then the dry hard packed friable red brown loamy clay that lays above everything in this area.

Close up of the gravel bed with the dark red clay below, i now am sure this gravel bed is part of what i have now named the Stainton gravel beds.

Close up of the intruding sand deposit.

The intruding deposit can be seen to the right of the spade handle.

The lower thin clay layers look like there painted with gloss, the image really doesn't do them justice.

More can be viewed regarding the Stainton gravel beds by clicking the link below

The Stainton gravel beds

The link below shows the locations of  known Stainton gravel bed deposits.


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