Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mesolithic worked flint excavated from the Stainton gravel beds.

This piece of Mesolithic black worked flint was excavated recently from the tightly packed Stainton gravel beds at Stainton Beck, along with minerals and preserved mammal rib bone fragments, and much older Jurassic Fossils.

 1 The Stainton gravel beds are outlined in red.

 2 The Alluvium is outlined in orange.

3 The flint piece was excavated to the bottom right hand side of the spade, along with mammal rib bone fragments.

 4 The gravel beds again average 300 mm thick.
 5 - The advice Ive been given so far points to there being little doubt, that this piece is a finely worked flint tool.



 8 - This image shows what must surly be a worked edge.

 9 I have recently been informed by Peter Row of Tees Archaeology that this piece was probably a scraper, the link below was supplied by Peter.