Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cleveland and the Romans

The Romans did briefly visit Cleveland but were unable to occupy the area for any length of time, ie there are remnants of Roman occupation but only sporadic, and there is no evidence of the river Tees being used by Roman soldiers or merchants .
The Tees bay and Eston hills would of been an ideal place for a Roman Garrison and more !. The only possible reason for this occupation not taking place is they were not permitted, ie organised resistance ! We are lead to believe the Brigantes were the major power in the area at the time of the Roman occupation, a tribe that was said to have been pro Roman . This to me does not add up, if this was right the tees would have been utilised as would the escarpment of the Eston  hills !

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Cleveland's newly descovered prehistoric past

I now believe I have discovered an unknown part of Cleveland's prehistoric past, that I believe I can prove as important to historians etc. than any of the other prehistoric sites in northern Europe.  I believe the deep beck valleys that all run north to north west from the North Yorkshire moors, were the result of a massive flood event that came from the Esk valley after the last major cold stage.

I believe the Esk valley was dammed by ice at its north west limit, but the low lying areas were long ice free, and re populated, by both Humans and animals, I believe the ice dam eventually collapsed letting huge amounts of water loose to cause devastation on newly populated areas of the south west of Cleveland.  This would explain the true Geology and remains i have found in the said area .  

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Clevelands Prehistoric Amulet or Talisman found in Stainton Beck ?

1 I found this piece covered in a thick concretion, it has been like all of my finds been reported to  http://www.teesarchaeology.com/   who have after a long inspection of the artefact, decided it is either the end of a light bulb - a spark plug - or meat Fork !  who am I to disagree ! ?



The grey blue piece I believe to be Basalt

5 The artifact

6  The shroud I believe to be worked and polished magnetite .

7 These 2 images show 2600 year old gold from Germany, that look very similar to the worked band on this artefact , so do we have worked Magnetite of Scandinavian origin and Celtic gold ?



 10 - If this piece is not ancient I would find it just as fascinating ie why ?

 11 - The components ive removed and cleaned so far.

 12 - In my mind so far we have a bone handle, a very thin gold clasp, and a shaped magnetite piece ?

 13 - What I believe to be shaped magnetite.

 14 - This piece is highly magnetic !


 I have now cleaned most of the concretion residue from the artefact, and if ime honest I no longer believe the piece to be a knife handle , I think ive been looking at it upside down !  I now believe it could have been an Amulet or Talisman , I took the very thin corrugated none ferrous  band to a local jewellers today, and they agree with me that the piece could not be copper bronze or aluminium, and although the piece is too thin to get a reaction with there standard acid test, everything points towards the piece being gold  

I have gone as far as I am willing to go on the cleaning of this artefact !

 1 - All components now free of the thick concretion . 

 2 - Close up of the carved bone where the gold band would fit .


 4 - Both the bulbous and straight piece are ime sure shaped Basalt, it shows no signs of oxidisation, and looks and reacts like no metal ive seen before ? .  

 6 - The Artefact  

  I  Believe this artefact hung from the neck via a chain or lace, ie I think it was believed to protect or give good luck, ie a Talisman or Amulet ? But maybe http://www.teesarchaeology.com/ are correct and its a spark plug etc ?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Clevelands Ice dam release of flood water from the esk valley.

My earlier post on a possible reason for major flooding of the Cleveland beck valleys - reported in the following link http://historyofabeck.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/storregga-slides-stunami-theory.html 
now look to be unlikely, ive had some great advice on the deposits, and most seem to agree the deposits are most likely the result of fresh water flooding .
I have another theory, could there have been an ice dam at the mouth of the western end of the Esk valley, could this dam have held water in the esk valley while the lower lands of what is now south west Cleveland were repopulated at the end of the last ice age, only for the ice dam to fail and release a devastating flood ?

The lowlands to the north west of the mouth of the of the Esk valley, do look to have a ripple effect in the landscape; gradually getting less evident as it reaches what would have been the large natural drainage channels of the Triassic bedrock beck valleys of south west Cleveland, that would have then drained into the Tees as it was then.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Richard S White. http://thewildlifemuseum.academia.edu/RWhite

I would like to welcome a good freind and a man who has been a great help to me over the last 4 years at least, Rich has agreed to help me run the blog, thank you mate !   http://thewildlifemuseum.academia.edu/RWhite