Monday, 5 January 2015

Richard S White.

I would like to welcome a good freind and a man who has been a great help to me over the last 4 years at least, Rich has agreed to help me run the blog, thank you mate !


  1. Thanks, Heath! Delighted to be able to contribute. I'll look through everything and see what I could add. I'd like to help make this an international blog, so maybe I'll start out explaining some of the terms peculiar to you Brits that might not be familiar elsewhere. I'll start with "Beck" - which also happens to be my mother's maiden name.

  2. No probs Rich and the translation so to speak is a good idea, something ive not given much thought to in the past, cheers mate.

  3. Ps as for the Beck word its Viking - Scandinavian meaning stream, creek , etc so Rich with your mams second name being Beck and your farthers name being White you look to have a strong north european bloodline ie Beck = scandinavian - White = Germanic old English.


Please feel free to correct me on any part of my blog, i would also welcome any help that can be offered in correctly identifying some of my fossil finds All the best to all Heath.