Thursday, 4 January 2018

Reconstruction of a Pagan gathering place. ( Masham , North Yorkshire )

The concept of this reconstruction in Masham, in my opinion, is great, and more should be built to allow our bairns the opportunity to see the real surroundings of their true Pagan ancestors, and not the concepts and ideas imposed on them via 'The History of Roman Propaganda'. Sites like this at one point existed all over Britain, but most are now scattered and unrecognisable to many. Although, lets not forget, from the North East of England to the North West of Scotland, there were outcrops of natural standing stones far more impressive than those made by man. The Dykes that run across the North would have had many exposed faces displaying a wall of Basalt, and in some cases Basaltic Andesite. The latter has magnetic anomalies, as I've reported many times during my research, and can naturally shine in both sunlight and moonlight, giving a possible explanation for the currently unexplained mystery of why the blue stones were transported such a distance to Stonehenge. Remember that one of the first of these stone structures is now widely accepted to have originated in the North, meaning they were more than likely spread from North to South, and not the other way around.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Celtic Civilisation began in Britain ?

For many years now we have been led to believe that Greece - Rome - Egypt were our cradles of Civilization , this is now being proved not to be so . New evidence now points to the likelihood that North west European civilizations were far more advanced in most ways .  There is growing evidence that civilization did not originate in the warm south eastern areas , and then spread north . But more likely the opposite !

The Nebra sky disk was discovered in northern Germany in June 2013 ,  and dated at 3016 years old this makes it the oldest astronomical record known . Add to that the fact that the materials it was made from originated in Britain , I think it tells its own story .