Monday, 28 October 2013

Clevelands Prehistoric ritual & sacrafice in the deep beck valleys of the south west area of Cleveland

In this post I would like to share my knowledge of the Geology of the deep beck valleys of south west Cleveland, & my theories of how they were created & events that created the deposits that cover them.

Over the last seven years ive studied most of the beck valleys, but have concentrated on Five of the deepest, Ormesby - Marton West beck - Stainton - Maltby & Stainsby,  all have a lot in common but the first that should be mentioned is the fact they all sit above Triassic Mercia mudstone, the bedrock is only exposed at Stainsby beck valley Thornaby on Tees, here most of a large area of the western slopes have only a thin stoneless Alluvium covering the Triassic bedrock Valley side, that I believe was shaped by the glacial retreat of the last major cold stage 12 - 17.000ybp.   .

All of the beck valleys are covered with the same Stoneless Alluvium The simple diagram below shows what I have found to be the true basic superficial Geology of the area, the beck valleys run through.

I don't believe the superficial geology shown above was the result of glacial forces from the last major cold event, but instead the result of a later major flood event that occurred after both plant, animal & Human repopulation of this area.  The cause of this flood event ime not sure of, but I am sure the devastation caused still remains buried beneath us here in South West Cleveland.

  I believe the Glacial events approximately 17.000 ybp  that created the original Valleys also left large parts of them with the brightly coloured red- blue Triassic bedrock and large sections of the dark  Basaltic Andesite ( Cleveland Dyke )  exposed.

Stainsby & Stainton were Im sure left in this state after the Glacial retreat, leaving what must have been an ore inspiring sight to any Prehistoric people repopulating this area, I mean if a few blocks of stone stood up in a field In Wiltshire  could cause such wonderment to prehistoric people, imagine what the views in these valleys would instill in the prehistoric imagination.

Stainsby & Stainton are strong contenders for being centres of  religious and sacrificial centres because of the exposures of Triassic bedrock and protruding Dyke wall, as reported in earlier posts I now have overwhelming evidence of ritual sacrifice at such exposures.  

Please note - When I refer to the Alluvium being stoneless I mean there is no visible stone content.