Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Superficial deposits at Stainsby beck

 1- A  simple outlined image of the deposits being excavated, Black = Alluvium  -  Red = Gravel seam  - White = The start of the lake deposits.  
 2 - White = The lake deposits - Black =  The stoneless Alluvium deposit above.

 The 1.5 metres of Alluvium that covers these deposits has no visible stone content, and most certainly has not been disturbed since it was deposited, there are no recorded papers that explain these alluvium deposits, although there are recent reports that the possible tidal wave that looks to have hit the North east coast over 8.000 ybp . after the collapse of the last land bridge between Britain and mainland Europe, could possibly be the source of the vast water flow that would be needed to cover the land here with the amount of stoneless Alluvium that now covers it 
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