Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Magnetic rock found in the Stainton gravel beds.

This Basalt was excavated two days ago from the same excavation as the slab in the previous post. This i believe to be Basaltic Andesite from the nearby Cleveland Dyke, the Quartz or calcite veins i first thought were filled vesicles, but ime now sure there not.
The basalt is by far the most magnetic ive found so far, it attracts a magnet from 10mm away.

In my experience the tell tale signe to id Whinstone ( Basaltic Andesite ) can be seen to the top right of this image, its the white half circle that is the point of impact of the hammer blow that cracked the rock. Obviously the unique crystals also give a big clue!
More can be viewed regarding the Stainton gravel beds by clicking the link below

New fossil rich slab dug from the Stainton gravel beds

This slab was excavated today it has the normal Gryphaea trace as a lot of the others but the bivalve? to the centre ime not sure of yet.

More can be viewed regarding the Stainton gravel beds bThe Stainton  clicking the link below
The Stainton gravel beds