Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Prehistoric Human tibia shaft excavated from grey deposit at Stainsby beck Thornaby on Tees Cleveland.

 1 - This image shows a a Prehistoric  Human tibia shaft outlined in yellow , before being fully excavated  from the grey lake bed at Stainsby beck. To the right outlined in red some of the other none human bones are visible but most are still buried. I believe the two different Human femurs found at an earlier date just down stream, and the preserved leather moccasin type sole excavated and shown in an earlier post could all be related.

 2 - This image shows the excavated Human tibia shaft washed and dried .

 3 - This image shows an artiodactyle Mandible, and maxilla piece, the teeth tell me this animal was a juvenile .

 4 - This horn core was also excavated very close to the Human tibia shaft and artiodactyle pieces shown in image 3 .

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