Monday, 1 July 2013

Stainsby beck Prehistoric lake deposits

  1- This image shows the latest preserved bone excavated from less than a square metre of the lake deposits, at Stainsby beck. 
  2 - Bos skull with a distal Humerus piece attached.
  3- The bundle in this image contains a small sus skull and mandible it was excavated at the same level and right next to the Bos skull.
  5- This image shows the bones cleaned using soap and water, and includes a Bos skull  that has sustained a violent impact to its right side, Wild boar skull and Mandible, Bos skull fragment with horn core attached, large Lumber vertebrae that looks to be Cervid, Ovis horn core piece possibly used as a tool, unknown distal tibia piece, unknown metatarsal.
  6 - Wild boar skull.
   7 - The skull looks to have sustained considerable damage to its right side, this is as with the bos skull unlikely to have happened after it was buried.
  8 - I believe the Stainsby lake deposits were possibly the site of some sort of  sacrifice, involving both Humans and animals.
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