Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Megaloceros mandible

 1 -  I have  been reliably informed that this  is a  Megaloceros mandible.
 2 - The m3 molar matches a lot of the large fossil cervidae m3 molars ive viewed.
 3 - The muscle attachments are very pronounced i have no mandible that matches these attachments.
 4 - It is the only mandible ive seen with these muscle attachments on the underside of the jaw.
 5 - The muscle attachment pattern on the inner cheek again is like none i posses or have viewed.
 6 - In this image although not exact the difference in the angle of a line drawn through the nerve
 cavity the bos examples are far more severe.
  7 - With bos mandibles either side its not hard to see a big difference .
 12 - Note the depth of the cavity for the muscle attachments.
 13 - 14  Again note the angle difference with the bos example.
 15 - I don't believe this is the mandible of a Megaloceros gigantius but it is from a huge Cervid of Equal size.  

Equus mandible excavated

  1 I excavated an Equus mandible at the weekend sadly the mandible bone disintegrated during the dig, leaving a full set of teeth including incisors, i also found the two equus metatarsals in the same area.
  2 The cervid metatarsal shown in images 2 and 3 and 4 was found not far away.
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