Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Prehistoric Sub fossils taken from less than 50 metre lenght of Stainsby beck lake deposits

  Whin stone it could just be the Cleveland dyke itself ? as the deposits cover the dyke at this point but I did take a burnished black pottery sherd from between the stones.
 2 -  Just some of the collection.

None of the sub fossils shown have any signs of butchery predator or scavenger attention. It includes at least 4 different Equus mandibles one intact, 5 separate Bos skulls or skull sections, 2 separate antler pieces one Cervus Elephus, the other looks to be different, but both came from huge animals, a Human Parietal bone, Preserved leather shoe that looks to be decorated, intact Ovis - Capra mandible & skull, Sus mandible, Wolf or large dog mandible ( not shown )  medium sized dog skull (not shown), black quartz rich pottery pieces, black flint core,  2 Cervus mandibles, all the above can be viewed in previous posts 

Please use the link below to view more reports regarding the lake deposits.

HISTORY OF A BECK: Stainsby ancient lake deposits latest.

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