Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Worked bone

 I found this in a new location the other day its carefully shaped bone and highly polished.
 It also has had a piece of carved wood inserted into its entire length, with a small hole bored right through.

I now know this to have been a handle of some sort.

Very large Tibia piece

Found this yesterday ive compared it with a lot of other Tibias and the closest match ive got is Bison Priscus.
It weighs 500 grams and would have been at least 450mm long.

Auroch Atlas vertabrae ?

New find.

I found this not far from where i found the Auroch Skulls,ive compared it with other horse and bovine and it maches an Auroch ive seen exactly.
It weighs 225 grams and is 130mm wide and 80mm high with some missing.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Large Vertabrae

Found theses the other day, the larger vertabrae is heavy and a lot bigger than the other two which i believe to be bovine.

It weighs 275 grams and measures 150mm long and 100mm wide with quite a lot missing.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Large Metatarsal

Found this the other day the Metatarsal
weighs 425 grams and measures 248 mm long
60mm at its widest point.


mineralized mammal bone.
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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More of yesterdays finds.

I found this large radius in the same place
as the jaws, it weighs 575 grams
and measures 350mm long and 84mm
at its widest point.

I think it belonged to a large bovine?

I allso found this bovine metacarpal
like all the fossil bone ime finding its
in excellent condition.

This large rib piece again i think is bovine
it measures 220 mm long and 38 mm
at its widest point.


mineralized mammal bone.
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bovine jaws

I think these jaws are bovine what type i don't no yet any help would be welcome.

The larger one weighs 350 grams and measures 295 mm long and 200mm high.
I think the smaller jaw is from the same type of animal but its very young?


mineralized mammal bone.
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Thursday, 17 March 2011

New finds

Found these fossil bones yesterday in the south west Middlesbrough area of Cleveland.
The intact metatarsal weighs 570 grams
1. 1/4 lbs and measures 305mm/12 inches
long, 75mm at its widest point.
The largest is a metatarsal from a large horse
the condition of this bone shows how protected
its been since being burried!

The ribs are from unknown mammals possibly
horse and deer. The pelvis piece could be deer?
This large pelvis piece i believe to be horse
all the bones are hevily mineralized, and undamaged
like all my bone finds ie no defleshing marks
or bite marks.

Note the excelent condition of the bone


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Calcareous nodules found in isolated blue clay deposit

These nodules are abundant in the blue  clay deposits at stainton beck.
The clay also contains jurasic fossils

       Nodules from the gravel beds

 Septarian Nodule dug from the Stainton gravel beds...

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Stainsby beck meets the Cleveland Dyke.

This is where Stainsby beck meets the Cleveland Dyke
the stone has been used and worked nearby, when
i don't know yet, but hopefully will find out one day.

I believe the Cleveland Dyke over the
57 million years its been here has had
an influence in many different ways to
the south tees area of Cleveland.

Prehistoric mineralized mammal bone.
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Ancient or modern?

I found this in stainsby beck ive asked
for advise from a local museum and
will post what they have to say as
soon as i can.

Prehistoric mineralized mammal bone.
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