Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ancient lake depost more excavated bones

  1- Isolated gravel deposit amongst the lake clays, with un excavated bone, the red rusty patches are recent intrusions from the upper deposits.
 2 -  Wolf mandible before excavation
 3 - The wolf mandible can be seen above the top tool, with an un excavated deer mandible just the right of the tool, more unexcavated bone is marked by the lower tool.
 4 - All the days excavated bone.
 5 -  Wolf  Mandible  I have been advised by a trusted palaeontologist that he believes this to be from a wolf.  
 6 - Large yet immature Cervid madible
 7 - Foot or hand bones probably Cervid
 8 - Young  Boss skull
 10 - Cervid Maxilla
 11 - Tooth Morphology
 12 -  Tooth Morphology - Mandible
 13 - Damaged fused bone
 Please use the link below to view more reports regarding the lake bed deposits.

HISTORY OF A BECK: Stainsby ancient lake deposits latest
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  1. How would one be able to get permission for access to the beck?

  2. You are free to visit Stainsby beck but I would like to take this opportunity to warn of the dangers, I once had to pull a police officer from one of the many hidden voids in the beck bed, some of these voids are metres deep, also remember rats inhabit the becks, so Leptospirosis is another danger, as are the constant collapses of the beck banks.
    And on that subject I would like to state that I only ever excavate where a collapse has already happened i.e. I do not disturb the undamaged beck banks, or disturb any wild life, and would expect others to act in a responsible way if visiting any of the deep beck valleys of the south west area of Cleveland. PS I would be more than happy to meet and show any interested parties around the beck valley sites.

    Regards Heath.


Please feel free to correct me on any part of my blog, i would also welcome any help that can be offered in correctly identifying some of my fossil finds All the best to all Heath.