Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Boltonmoss hill

 This hill overlooks both Seamer Carr  and Stainton including a section of the Cleveland dyke I believe would have been clearly visible because of the Stainton now beck, but then river deflection, to the north west .

Star Carr - Mesolithic Settlement Site - South of Seamer, North ... .

This would look amazing to any early people , a massive wall shining with the full force of the south western sun even in winter , the unique crystals of the basaltic andesite would look magical , and there would be no better place to view the basaltic wall than what is now the mapped but unknown Boltonmoss hill .    
I have carried out research both locally and on line but the closest reference I have in local records is a mention in the 18th century of bolt mare field in Thornton , this loosely translated means a viewing point for the hill ie whatever was on it to kook at .