Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Clevelands Stainsby Iron age deposits possible ritual conection to the exposed Cleveland Dyke

  1 - Black = Small Equus pelvic piece.  Red = Right Raidius piece Bos or very lage Cervid  Yellow = Right Maxilla Boss   Orange = Metatarsal Ovis - Capra  Blue = preserved wood & Unknown. 
  2 - Maxilla piece after excavation.

 3 - Maxilla after a wash

4 - I can only say its either Bos or very large Cervid it was excavated very close to the huge Cervid antler and skull piece earlier.

 5 - Morphology

 6 - 7  Unknown radius piece


 8 - Small Equus pelvic piece with as all the preserved bones in these  deposits no sign of butchery




 12 - I  now believe that the stones found with the preserved bones must be connected i.e. were deposited by the same Humans that deposited the animal and Human remains. I still have not come across any metal items nor any signs that metal was deposited with the preserved bones and artefact's
This leads me to believe the grey deposits are of a considerable prehistoric age, also the fact that the Cleveland dyke could well have been exposed at this point, even possibly rising from the water makes me consider the dyke could have been the focus of a Prehistoric ritual centre here.

The image below was taken at an earlier stage of my work on these deposits, the partially excavated bone outlined in orange is a human tibia shaft, with a partially excavated mandible outlined in red, I found many more animal bones in this part of the deposit,
The links below show more of the excavated bone & artefacts from the lake bed deposits.

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