Monday, 12 September 2011

Angle of blue clay deposits at Stainton

Here you can see the already excavated area to the left and the un excavated section to the right discoloured by the brown / red fryable deposit above

The only  un natural angle here was created by my spade to the centre and left of the pic the facing angle is as it was excavated.

This angle would in my opinion be a constant along this stretch of beck if the alluvium? was removed.

This shows the structure of this deposit, there must have been a large time difference between these two deposits surley?

The clay angled layer is blue although discoloured in the pics by shine and dust from the above layer.

The angle cut by my spade then the natural angle which meets the ever constant red clay layer in this area of south west Cleveland.

The blue clay contains fossils ie gryphaea and ammonites, also a lot of calcareous lime stone nodules. Myself and two Geologists have recently ( October 2011) used an auger to a depth of 1.75 metres down from a shelf above the grey blue clay deposit and have indeed discovered it continues to rise at this angle. The brown red deposit above  has no large stones samples of sand stones and Mercia mud stone were abundant but in very small sizes.    ( Please see more recent post on this excavation,  Extention of excavation into blue clay)
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