Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Worked bone

 I found this in a new location the other day its carefully shaped bone and highly polished.
 It also has had a piece of carved wood inserted into its entire length, with a small hole bored right through.

I now know this to have been a handle of some sort.

Very large Tibia piece

Found this yesterday ive compared it with a lot of other Tibias and the closest match ive got is Bison Priscus.
It weighs 500 grams and would have been at least 450mm long.

Auroch Atlas vertabrae ?

New find.

I found this not far from where i found the Auroch Skulls,ive compared it with other horse and bovine and it maches an Auroch ive seen exactly.
It weighs 225 grams and is 130mm wide and 80mm high with some missing.