Friday, 14 October 2011

More Andesite (whinstone) that atracts a magnet

I discovered this whinstone today it has been used as a bridge in two locations over a drainage channel just south of the larchfield community, there's a 16 inch pipe under the stone so i imagine it was done in the early to mid 20th century, probably with left over mined whinstone from the Stainton area.
All the stone in the image attracted the magnet shown stuck to the whinstone block above the pipe.
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This post is to reassure any groups or individuals who come across my blog that there is no lasting damage to the becks and no wildlife is ever disturbed. If there are signs of life ie Voles or even rats the area gets left alone.
As for the becks themselves any excavations are out of sight, and done in such a manor that the natural flooding of the beck will restore any area back as it was, in the main i choose areas that have recently collapsed naturally therefore not changing the natural course of the becks.
One thing i have noticed that may be of interest to people involved with the wildlife of the becks is wherever i see these ancient deposits exposed, ie the river gravels clays  some laminated some not, Voles and other small mammals have had no interest in digging into now or in the past, the material is probably to tough to get through.